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Nov 16 - Pre-Holiday Jottings

Two weeks since my last update to the Journal. On the Verizon/Millenicom issue, our internet service seems to be the same as it was under Millenicom and we've had no interruptions or glitches. Other than the few additional dollars we'll be parting with each month and our preference for dealing with a smaller business than the V-giant, we've come to grips with the situation. Since our usage is usually in the 12 to 15 GB range each month, I don't think we could have done better for the same level of coverage. Internet connectivity for nomads and wanderers is one of those areas where we pay more for less than those living in a fixed location. Could probably get unlimited blazingly-fast internet for half the price if we were chained to a house. In early November we spent a weekend with our son/family near Seattle and then a week keeping an eye on the grandkids in the Portland area during a week they had early release from school. Somehow during that time we picked up a b