Grand Canyon to a snow-filled Bryce Canyon

The last few shots at Grand Canyon before high-tailing it to Bryce.  Nice Day. The National Park Canyons are great, of course. But I'm continually blown away by the drives between the hot spots.  There's just so much to see and appreciate along lesser-known byways. Much more snow than usual at Bryce... at least according to locals. See the full album HERE

Northbound with a stop at the Grand Canyon

Sadly, It's time to head northward and back to the Pacific Northwest. Hoping recent snowfalls would result in some stunning photo opps, we made a side-trip to find out. The complete album can be seen by clicking HERE .

Skyline Regional Park in the White Tanks

Did a 4 mile hike in Skyline Regional Park near Buckeye AZ.  Feb. 16. For the full album, click here

Holiday Family Luncheon

All the Hoch siblings gathered for a luncheon during the Winter Holidays.  I'll add no commentary about how fine things age well.

Memorial to an Old Friend

Memories of an Old Friend September, 2016 “But fate ordains that dearest friends must part." It’s taken me some time to process the loss of a dear old friend and to get to the point where I can write about the tragic ordeal. We spent so much time and did so many things together. We spent many weeks, months, in the great outdoors. We made long hikes in the desert. We climbed small mountains. We were together in Alaska and the Far North all the way to the Arctic Ocean. We've driven from coast to coast. We’ve weathered storms and incessantly hot sun. The years passed. And as our life together matured, so did the comfort and flexibility of our “fit”... perhaps more weathered and worn, but more relaxed and comfortable too. An old friend who seemed to mold to the surroundings, was liked by nearly everyone. An old friend who I’d like to think probably saved my life over the years. At least, I’d like to think that. The loss itself was bad enough. But the fact that I was instrum

New Theme for an Old Blog

What could that mean? Is it possible there's a glowing ember of life here at the Sabbatical Journal? Let's gently blow on it and see what happens.

Last Post for a While

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