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A Minimalist

A Minimalist A blog post I've recently been involved with helping to clear out the living spaces of someone who died. These are a few of my observations:   Humans just like stuff. Usually, the more stuff the better. Very little of this stuff has much objective value. Often we keep stuff because it has some sentimental value… or we just don’t want to confront the reality that we won’t ever use something given to us as a gift. And disposing of it would be disrespecting the person who gave it to us. We have so many places to put stuff that we don’t really know how much stuff we actually have. And so many of those places keep the stuff from being visible, hide the stuff from our view.  Cabinets, drawers, boxes under a bed, more boxes on shelves out in the garage, up in the attic, out in the shed… it’s all tucked away out of site. We always seem to find enough space for new stuff. Sometimes we even rent more space from a storage company.  If it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind. Where ha

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