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Winter in the Southwest 2016 (part one)

Alright, it’s time to do a post on our Winter in the Southwest. While procrastination has it’s benefits, there comes a point when it’s actually easier to just get the job done. The effort to resist the nagging reminders and the reality that it will have to be done at some point anyway becomes too great to put it off any longer. But it’s been a nice break from posting. Overall, our two months in the Southwest was, for the most part, a repeat of the model that was cast during our Winter last year. We spent about half our time at Dar’s Sister’s house, Casa de Cher, and the other half of our time out in the desert in southwest Arizona and southern California. With few exceptions, most of our overnight camps are boondocks on government land. People ask if we’re concerned about our safety when boondocking. Early in our full-timing life, oh… maybe 8 or 9 years ago, there were some thoughts of concern. We didn’t b-dock a lot back then, but when we did our senses were heightened and our