We're parked on a small lake in Sycamore, IL. Last evening, Thursday, I was immersed in an old book I'm re-reading. The sun was setting and, focusing on the book, I didn't notice the gradual change in sky color from bluish-grayish to red. When I did look up I was treated to a spectacular sunset. After grabbing the camera and trying to capture the moment, I just sat there and watched it slowly darken. As it faded, my thoughts went to the adventure at hand and a feeling of certainty? or reality? or something I'm having trouble putting into words, came over me. I'm feeling good about what we're setting out to do. How many more sunsets will we enjoy? And sunrises? Sights? Adventures? Hikes? Historic places? Bike rides? The Lewis and Clark Trail? Natchez Trace? Fall color tours? Mountain vistas? Great river roads? Campfires? Friends? Characters? Small town diners?

This sunset was the end of one day, but also the beginning of the next chapter.



Greg said…
Congratualations on becoming Full-timers! You two are embarking on a journey that will add a lifetime of experiences and memories, not too mention some awesome photo ops! Nice picture!

If I ever hear that you are in my area and don't call me and let my wife and I cook or buy(could be safer) you dinner, I will be saddened. I'm not sure that I would pick Indiana to visit, but maybe you will pass through... :)

Looking forward to following your adventure! Greg
Ginnie said…
Congratulations you two,

Will be looking for you in Bowling Green KY and find you some excellent photo opportunities!
Will be following along your journey...


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