Saturday, October 20, 2007

Almost 400 miles

October 20, 2007 -- Bowling Green, KY

It's midnight, so this is going to be a very short posting.

By the time we got the bus ready and the toad hooked up this morning it was 10am. So, for us, a comparatively early start. Considerable quartering headwind for much of the day cut into bus performance and mileage, but we still managed to do better than 7mpg as reported by the bus's onboard computer. I thought making it to Louisville would be good for the day, but with Dar sharing the helm today, we managed to make it painlessly to Bowling Green -- about 380 miles for the day, a new record. Dar has a good friend in Bowling Green and today she tested that friendship by calling her only two hours before we would be in town! (Talk about the dreaded "drop in"!) But Ginnie and Kevin rose to the challenge and not only invited us over for dinner... they let us park in their driveway. Both the food and conversation were great. Thanks, you guys, for a wonderful time!

It's only a short jaunt to the Nashville area tomorrow. If we get started by noon or so, we'll be in good shape and in a campsite early. We think we'll spend a few days in Nashville before heading toward Knoxville and then on to Tim & Chris's place near Charlotte.