The Pause

Sunday, December 23, 2007 -- Sandollar Resort near Rockport, TX

One thing I've always liked about this time of year is the pause.

We've just gone through an entire year of our lives, largely running around and competing with others over jobs, ideas, sales, love, money, possessions, and recognition. Then, the frantic nature of the build-up to our commercialized Christmas and New Years saps more strength... the crowds, the traffic, shopping for the right gifts, the parties, getting the cards out, dealing with nasty weather, holiday travel, and more. It's all enough to give anyone a headache.

But then, it's over. At least briefly -- if you let it. There's a period of time that belongs to only you. If you recognize it, if you let it flow over you, there's a peace that accompanies the silence, the pause. Now it's just you and the loved ones that surround you. For just one day or, maybe, a few, you can take a breather... decide not to go anywhere... watch and enjoy the beauty of falling snow or a crackling fire or waves washing on a shore... look deeply into those eyes you care for and really connect for a while. A time to get spiritual, if you will.

In business, expectations are lower during that week of the holidays. I often used that week to contemplate the past year; to remember and bask in my successes; to confront and learn from the failures. It's also a good time to clean out the files, re-organize, and prepare for the new year.

Our time here is short. An occasional pause, well used, just adds to the experience.



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