Mar 22, 2008

Saturday Night Slumber Party

Saturday, March 22, 2008 -- Vancouver, WA.

It's 8pm Saturday Night. Thirty years ago I would have been getting primed for the TV show Saturday Night Live, which in the Midwest came on at 10:30pm. Not tonight. No sir, there are more important things to do. Besides, SNL is just terrible these days anyway.

Tonight, Dar and I have little Ryan over for the night. His Mom and Dad are out with friends and we're taking every opportunity we can to make up for lost time with Ryan -- taking every opportunity to bond a little more with this great kid. And he's caught a little cold so we're also trying to keep him away from his Mom as much as we can... to keep her healthy for the big day on Wednesday next. It's after 8pm as I write this and it's dark, there's New Age music wafting through the camper, Ryan's sleeping, Dar's almost sleeping, and it won't be too much longer for me. By 10:30pm, I'll be as "out" as I hope Hillary is. Isn't life great?

Not much to report otherwise. We've been knocking chores off our list, shopping for a few light-weight essentials, and enjoying the time with family.

The big news is that the skies parted today and we can now confirm that really is a blue sky on top of all those clouds. It was a cool but very nice day and we took advantage by being outside as much as we can. We walked about four miles today, finally getting a little needed exercise.


Good Night all.


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