A Short Move

Saturday, March 15, 2008 -- Vancouver, WA

One year ago today, the Ides of March 2007, we signed the offer that lead to the sale of our home in Geneva, IL. A year has passed -- and once again it doesn't seem like it. Considering what's happened to the market for real estate in the past year, we're happy as clams that we got out when we did.

The smoked pork shoulder that Gage spent a night and most of a day cooking turned out incredible. I really should have had one of these smokers back when we had a fixed house. As all guys know, outdoor cooking (BBQ'ing, grilling, smoking, etc) is definitely a "guy thing". And all guys know that the deep responsibility for a good result involves close monitoring of the process... with the adult-beverage of your choice helping to keep you focused on the job. The process of smoking meat often takes 12 hours or more. Wow.

We're changing parking spots at the Van Mall RV Park today. This is a very well managed and clean park but some of the sites are better suited to smaller campers than ours. They've just finished an expansion project and the newer sites are wider, roomier, and have a little grass here and there. So we're moving about 200 feet to a new site which I think we'll like better. I'll get some pictures up for you to check it out.

Rain is predicted for today... and tomorrow... and Monday... and Tuesday...

Keep smiling.



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