Sun and Water

Wednesday, April 2, 2008 -- Along the Oregon Coast at Newport

The only water we've seen during the past three weeks was coming directly out of the sky in the form of rain. Today was different. Today, sunshine was coming out of the sky and the water we're seeing is the Pacific Ocean. It was simply a perfect day.

Our new friends at AM Solar completed the installation of our solar system on the roof of the camper this morning about 10am. To celebrate, the weather-gods produced the brightest, sunniest day in the past three weeks. Let me tell you, Bunky, as soon as we pulled the bus out of the service-bay, we were producing electricity. If called on, I felt like we could fill-in for Bonneville Dam and save the Northwest for land developers and house-builders. What a sense of freedom that is!

We then aimed the bus due west. After an hour-long drive through the Coastal Range, we were at the Coast. The Oregon Coastline is simply one of the most stunning and picturesque places on Earth. Dramatic mountains meeting rough water -- all of it lit up by the sun. Man makes due with what he can, carving out level places here and there for a town, a building, a home, or a road. But here, certainly, nature rules. Here, roads slide or wash away. Storms can overwhelm the best of boats. Tsunami warning signs are everywhere. Everyone subconsciously carries the knowledge that here, at any time, nature can assert itself and make it known who's really in control.

We chose a camping site at South Beach State Park near Newport, OR. We'll stay here for a couple nights and then, Friday, head up to the Astoria, OR. area, making electric power along the way... if the sun is shining.

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