Mountain Streams

Thursday, May 15, 2008 -- Clearwater Crossing RV Park in Orofino, ID

A short drive over to Orofino from Lewiston yesterday, only about 50 miles. But the drive was along the fast-flowing Clearwater River and around every bend in the road is a new visual treat. I don't know what it is but I feel at home amidst these steep hills and mountain streams.

At least this time of year the Clearwater is no lazy slow calm river. The weather is warming quickly -- predicted highs in the 80's this weekend -- and the above-average mountain snow-pack is melting fast. Where we're parked in Orofino, at the Clearwater Crossing RV Park, the bus-house is right alongside and about 12 feet above the river. But by Sunday or Monday they're predicting it'll rise by another 8 feet or so. We're keeping an eye on it as the bus-house is not seaworthy. Here's a link to the river guage here in Orofino: Link to NOAA Hydrograph

Today we're on the L&C hunt, checking out historic sites in the area.



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