Still Winter in Bozeman!

Thursday, May 22, 2008 -- Bozeman, MT

The black weather-cloud that was over us in Vancouver has caught up with us again. About 20 miles before arriving in Bozeman yesterday, it started raining and snowing and it hasn't stopped yet. The projected outlook for the next 4 or 5 days includes rain daily. And snow above some elevation that right now seems to be about 20 feet above the bus-house. I actually heard a NOAA weather forecast for some higher elevations around here that called for up to 32" of snow today. We did pick up a couple books on the Global Warming problem so we have something humorous to read while huddled around our little electric heater in the event we're trapped in the bus-house by snow drifts this Memorial Day weekend.

This may be a very short summer for Dar and me. Fall is only a little more than three months away!

Today, brother/professor Bill did accompany us to the Museum of the Rockies -- an incredible facility for this town of only 30,000 people. In the next couple days we'd like to get to Pompey's Pillar and Yellowstone Park, assuming they're allowing something other than snowplows and snowmobiles into the park.



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