Warm Sunny Friday Morning

Friday, May 16, 2008 -- Orofino, ID

8:00am My internal clock and sleep cycles must be driven by daylight. During the winter I have no problem climbing in bed early and sleeping soundly until 8am. But during the summer, with those long hours of brightness, I rarely get to bed before 11pm and as soon as the sun is up, I'm up. This morning I awoke at 5:20am and tried to get back to sleep until giving up and just getting up about 6am. It was just too bright.

We toyed with leaving the Orofino area this morning, a day ahead of our plan, because of the threat of some flooding here and along parts of our route over the mountains. But between the sense of adventure ("You call this a flood!??"), and a desire to spend a little more time on a nice day in the Orofino area, we canned the idea, stay for the day, and will head over the mountains tomorrow. Ain't it fun?

Speaking of fun... here's the latest hydrograph from NOAA for the Clearwater at Orofino. Click on the thumbnail for a more readable size:


They haven't updated the forecast today yet, but it still looks like we'll be OK on Saturday.

I'll also include, for posterity, a photo of the bus-house's rear end at the edge of the river. See, we've got at least 6 feet of breathing room.


So, we'll see how the day goes.



Cher (#1 Sister) said…
Your last journal entry was Friday the 16th and you said a good 6' down to the water. But, on Thursday the 15th was 10 - 12'. That's 4' - 6' in a day! Not even taking into consideration should a tiny damn give way up river. Good thing you added a brief note on Sunday or we'd all might be thinking the worse.

Was the safety meeting after the pizza and cheap wine? Safety Director mellowing?

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