The Decision Making Process

The Decision Making Process
Part of the "Life in 300 Square Feet" Series

Living on the road, in close quarters, on a fulltime basis requires a lot of flexibility and tolerance. In addition, I believe it's important for you and your partner to have pre-arranged rules for how decisions will be made. Living together in 300 square feet makes a good decision-making protocol essential to harmony and a durable relationship -- not to mention a long life. Making decisions on the basis of who can yell louder, who's stronger, who's bigger, or who's better with a gun just doesn't work the way it used to.

When fulltiming, the two of you are also managing a big hunk of machinery. Whether it's a fifth-wheel, travel trailer, motorhome, or old school bus, these are big awkward pieces off equipment that require maintenance, upkeep, safe driving skills... and good decision making.

So after a few months on the road we established a decision-making protocol for our fulltiming life. Here's what we came up with. All five steps must be followed:

1) Either of us can propose something, but it must be stated clearly and in a form that can be put to a vote.

2) Since we're equals, Dar has a vote and I have a vote.

3) In the event of a tie, and because safety is so important, the Safety Director breaks the tie.

4) Dar is the Safety Director.

5) All parties will agree and be happy with the outcome.

You see, with a simple, but effective decision-making process like this, you'll never have any arguments and will always be in complete harmony. Dar is certainly happier and has fewer of those moody spells she used to have from time to time. She also thinks the process is so useful that any couple could use it whether or not you're living in an RV.

I've been taking a lot more late night walks, which we've decided are good for my blood pressure.

Thom Hoch


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