Sunday, June 8, 2008

What's Going On in the Showers?

What's Going On in the Showers?
Part of the "Life In 300 Square Feet" Series

What in the world is going on in the campground restroom and shower house every morning? This is one of those great unanswered questions that we, as first-year fulltimers have. Is it a card game? a meeting of some sort? people plotting the overthrow of the government?

I get up in the morning, usually with the sun. The first thing I do... (ok, maybe not the first thing)... is to make a pot of coffee. While coffee's brewing, fire up the computer and the internet router. Once coffee's brewed, pour a cup, punch up the list of blogs and news I like to read every morning, and read, sip coffee, and watch the goings-on around the campground.

Almost every morning, I see people... sometimes one or two and sometimes more... climb down out of their expensive campers and, with towel and some little bag in hand, head over to the public restroom and shower house building.

OK, what am I missing here? We have a lower end diesel pusher camper and ours came, no extra charge, with a complete bathroom. It's got a great shower, two bath sinks, a good reliable toilet, mirrors, cabinets -- and all of these things have one thing in common... they're mine. I know what's been going on with these fixtures, who's been using them, what diseases and maladies those using them might have. They're comfortable, you know how they function, and you know they're clean, and if they're not clean, it's your "not-clean".

I can only surmise that these people bought nice campers but chose to save a few bucks by ordering the fifth-wheel without bathroom fixtures. Or did they simply forget to ask and didn't realize until the check had cleared that there's no friggin toilet or shower in the motorhome? Huh?

I suppose it's possible that the bathroom fixtures are "in-op" -- not in a functioning condition -- busted. Or that they had been using the facilities normally until the tanks filled up and they haven't figured out how to dump yet? But it seems to be so many people. I don't think the "busted fixture" or "full tank" hypothesis are going to hold water. {rim shot} Wouldn't anybody prefer to use their own bathroom fixtures rather than those in a public restroom?

So my question remains... What's going on in the restroom and shower house every morning?