Slowing Down

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 -- Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

After all the hoopla of the weddings and milestone birthday, things are settling down a bit. We'll be here for a couple more weeks while we take care of a long and growing list of things to do, including doctor appointments for physicals, registering to vote, new tires on the toad, investigate a different health insurance solution, and many more. I also want to take everything out of the basement in order to deep-clean and move the weight around to where we need it for good balance on the chassis. We're relatively light on the front right corner so all the heavy stuff is going into bay 1 on the starboard side. A balanced and even load is important for good handling and safety. Through our education about this lifestyle we've learned that many RV's, probably more than half of them you see going down the road, are overloaded in some way.

Today we're going to Madison and will hit Camping World and Trader Joes, two merchants that we make a point of visiting when close by. For RV'ers, there's ALWAYS something you need at Camping World. And for those on a quest for drinkable inexpensive wine it's hard to beat Trader Joes. I think I'll find the time to wander around the UW campus with my camera for a while as I reminisce and seek artistic shots of this comfortable and picturesque setting.


Slightly Better than Most