"Thumbs Up" from Spartan

Wednesday, September 10, 2008 -- Back at Markin Glen in K-Zoo

On Monday afternoon I drove the bus-house over to Charlotte Michigan, about 60 miles east of Kalamazoo, for a service appointment with Spartan Motors -- the guys who built the chassis that sits under our motorhome. Because it's hard to find good service out there and people with intimate knowledge of these things I wanted to get ours in to see the experts... the people who made it.

Dar decided to stay with her sister during this ordeal, so I was on my own for this one. The drive over went good but I'm amazed at how much road construction is going on in Michigan. For a state with big financial problems they have amazingly good roads and, on the basis of all the work we see going on around the state, even better roads in the future.

Spartan has a motorhome parking area, complete with 50 amp electric, for people who stay overnight. As soon as I backed into my space it started to rain. And it rained almost all night. Since it was just me I decided to leave all slides in to make getting ready at 7am a touch easier. I cooked up a mess of spaghetti, poured a glass of cheap wine, and watched an excellent Carole King concert on PBS as the rain rattled on the roof. Except for being alone, it was a very good time.

The next morning, Tuesday, the service tech was at my door right on time. He drove the bus-house off to the service shop while I found a place to camp in the waiting room. Although I'm still new at all this RV stuff I have found that waiting rooms at RV service places are usually places to meet people and learn new things... and I certainly wasn't disappointed at Spartan. People are mingling, sharing stories of their travels, problems they've had, future plans, and more. I thought I'd have time to get some writing done but between my procrastination and the various and simultaneous conversations it was pretty much a blown day from that perspective. But I'd still tag it productive as I love talking with others who think living in an RV is nothing short of magical.

By early afternoon the bus-house was done. New filters, some adjustments to ride-height and wheel alignment, a lube job, and more... we're lookin' good for the next year or so. I was very impressed with the whole experience. There's a sense of comfort that comes from getting a "thumbs-up" from the guys who built it in the first place.

I drove back to Markin Glen County Park in K-zoo and parked. Dar picked me up and it was off to dinner with Cher and Jack. This morning, Wednesday, we're leaving early on a short drive to Nappanee Indiana. I have an issue or two that I want Newmar, the builders of the motorhome coach (the part we live in... that sits on the Spartan chassis -- this can get complicated to keep straight) to look at and take care of. I don't think it'll take long but we could be in Nappanee overnight tonight. Then, Thursday and Friday we'll drive back to the Farm in Wisconsin.



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