A Day of Rest

Friday, March 6, 2009
Abbeville, LA

We planned nothing for today. After sleeping in for longer than usual we both spent time and effort on the website. Dar worked on photos… getting our online Photo Gallery up to date, and I worked on writing the blog entry from yesterday and updating the Front Page. Shortly before noon we took off for town where we had some banking business (Yaahooo… we found a Chase Bank right here in town!), a visit to the Post Office, and then an unplanned lunch at the RiverFront Grill. We found a seat on their deck overlooking the Vermilion River and killed a couple of hours talking, eating lunch, watching the river flow by, and sipping the daily special… $2 margaritas. Very enjoyable in a number of ways!

After lunch and before Betty’s happy hour later this afternoon, we needed to give the Bus-House a “nose-job” — a scrubbing to remove bugs from the front end. That quickly accomplished we found some shade and planned some of our next moves.

Tomorrow, we’re getting up early. And trust me on this, neither one of us does “early” very well these days. So we’re setting more than one alarm to ring about 6am. We’d like to be on the road by 7am… to a big “cafe” about 45 minutes from here. It’s an every Saturday morning event which offers breakfast and a celebration of Zydeco music. So, what exactly is Zydeco music?? Well, I hope to be able to answer that question better in tomorrow’s entry. I’ve been told its Cajun music with a Black twist. We’ll see.

We also made plans for next week. We’ll be here at Betty’s until Tuesday, when we head toward New Orleans… “The Big Easy”. Faced with the choice of staying close, within walking distance, to the French Quarter or having to drive, park, and deal with a car each day, we made the decision to spend a few extra bucks and stay close to the action. We reserved three nights at the French Quarter RV Park, which is just a quarter mile or so from Bourbon Street.

Good Night All.

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