One Last Hike

Thursday, March 19, 2009
Mandeville, LA

After two days of exploring, we decided that today, Thursday, would be a “down” day… we could use the time to get ready for our Friday move from Fontainebleau State Park, relax, do some chores, and not be pressured by any clock or event. After a morning of intense lollygagging, Dar thought it’d be great to take a break and head over to the Northlake Nature Trail for one last hike through the dangerous, snake-infested swamps around here. You know, she said, … “one last hike for “old times” sake”. I wasn’t sure I liked how she said that.

As we set off, Dar insisted I lead the way. Since we’re both “intrepid explorers”, we take turns at leading as we hike. Dar likes leading when we’re in parks, zoos, museums, shopping malls, and other more civilized venues. But she insists that I lead when in rugged mountain terrain, snake and ‘gator infested swamps, on paths over nests of great-scorpions and giant fire ants, and where huge venomous spiders have woven webs to snare unsuspecting hikers and eat them for lunch. Bwahhahha!

So off we went after Dar insisted on strapping on the snake-proof leggings she rented. She said they just didn’t have my size and I’d have to try to get through the hike by keeping an eye peeled and hoping for the best. Hmmmm? I wonder why she said I should wear shorts?

The wonder and beauty of a Louisiana swamp is something to behold. It’s teeming with life. It’s calm, quiet, and fresh-smelling. Not at all what you’d imagine. We enjoyed it immensely.

Despite some dangerous and anxious moments, we made it through the hike and took some memories with us that we’ll not soon forget.