Jello Plans

Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Heiskell, TN

Well, some things came together today, and our plans for the next week or so are beginning to firm-up. Nick Russel, the editor of the Gypsy Journal on-the-road Newspaper, likes to say his plans are set in Jello. The process we went through today was a lot like that... like watching Jello cool and firm up.

As we move north we wanted to explore the Capitol of Kentucky in Frankfort. (Com'on... how many of you knew the Capital of Kentucky was Frankfort?... well it is!) So our first stop when we leave here tomorrow morning, Wednesday, will be just down the road from Frankfort near Lexington. There's a real shortage of campgrounds and RV parks in that area... not much to choose from. But we found one that we believe will work for a few nights.

Then, we were able to register for an event being offered by Spartan Chassis -- our bus-house chassis manufacturer. It's called Service Week and will be held in Charlotte, MI on June 2 - 4th. We'll arrive in Charlotte on Monday, the first.

Attending this function will allow us to have the bus-house's annual maintenance items taken care of all at one time. Oil and filter change, two fuel filters changed, hydraulic system oil and filters replaced, rear differential oil replaced, chassis lubed, and a few more I'm not thinking of right now. It's all stuff I won't have to deal with for another year. They're also offering a number of seminars of which we'll attend two or three.

After that we'll spend a few days near Kalamazoo so we can visit Dar's sister and brother-in-law. Dar also wants to visit her "stuff" that she has in storage in her sister's basement. Ah, STUFF... what would be without our STUFF.

And then it'll be on to Wisconsin.



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