An Easy Day at Zion

It was a relaxing and easy day for us here at Zion yesterday, Friday. We planned nothing and spent the day at Watchman Campground. While it was a bit chilly in the morning, I was running and biking around in just a T-shirt and jeans during the afternoon.

We shared a campfire last night with Jimmy and Julianne, one of the couples we met at dinner the night before. They're camped just up the road from us. We thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and hearing about their rich lives and varied experiences. We burned through all the wood I got earlier in the day -- usually a sign of a successful campfire.

Today, when I'm finished pounding out this quick update, Dar and I are driving up to Kolob Canyon to explore that section of Zion National Park. It's in the extreme northwest corner of the park, about a 35 mile one-way drive from our camp.

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