A Hot (Springs) Stop

After some long good-byes to new friends we made at Clyde Holliday State Park, we were rolling by 10:30 this morning. The weather was bright, the wind very light. Generally, our route today was from John Day to Burns on US-395. The first half of the drive was a slow continual climb through the Strawberry Mountains to well over 5,000 feet before leveling off into wide open valleys where the bus-house shifted into high gear for what seemed like the first time all day. The views out the window were stunning, once again, and we truly enjoyed this drive.

Before Burns, the landscape opens up into high desert... a lot of sagebrush and very little farming. A glance at hills in the distance, 10 or 15 miles distant... they just don't seem that far. It's more of that big-sky, western, ranching country that we haven't seen for a while.

For our camp tonight we settled on Crystal Crane Hot Springs, which has a small RV Park. It's 25 miles southeast of Burns right along OR-78, the road we're taking south tomorrow. Since our drive today was only about 100 miles, we arrived here shortly after 1pm, which gives us plenty of time for a soak or two in the hot springs. Just a guess, but I might have another great nights sleep tonight.

We're about 130 miles from the border with Nevada and 200 miles from Winnemucca, where we plan to camp tomorrow night. That will be our first overnight in Nevada which will make this our 31st State during the Sabbatical project.

At Crystal Crane Hot Springs in Southeast Oregon


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