Belching in Bandera

The decision we made to stay here at Pioneer River Resort in Bandera for an additional day turned out to be the right call. It rained all day. It would have been a miserable driving day.

We decided to stay close to the bus-house today, get a few personal, housekeeping, and financial things done, and prepared to move in the morning. In a rare fit of domesticity, I threw together a big batch of my world famous chili -- enough to keep us producing plenty of methane for the next few days. And then neighbors Gary and Monika came over for happy hour where we talked about our respective plans for the rest of the winter. They're leaving in the morning too, but we'll see them later in the Winter in Rockport.

So, Wednesday morning we'll be on our way to Rockport. The next Journal entry will be from there.

Belching in Bandera...


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