Dec 14, 2009

Rockport Update

It's been a series of slow days for us here in Rockport Texas. Dar and a couple other women attended a Christmas Walk of historic homes on Friday night. Saturday I spent almost all day scrubbing the bus-house roof -- a tough job but something that's supposed to be done annually. Saturday night we joined a large group from the RV Park at a local saloon to have dinner and watch and dance to a live band that has become a favorite of ours -- it's become our regular Saturday night activity. And Sunday we watched a couple football games.

The less-than-ideal weather pattern is continuing... lots of clouds, periods of light rain, fog, cool... just kind of dreary and certainly not the weather we enjoyed last year. This pattern is being blamed on El Nino -- a periodic warming of the waters of the eastern Pacific. Apparently this pattern causes a lot of Pacific moisture to flow across Mexico and up into this part of the world. These patterns tend to persist for months and the long term outlook is for more of the same. Hmmmm.

But we're enjoying the opportunity to catch up on some reading, working on the computer, watching a few movies, and hanging out with friends. Considering the alternatives we have it pretty good.

Planning my next project...

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