Friday, January 8, 2010

Bored on the Beach

2010 began with us camped on the same exact spot in Texas where we started 2009. Sandollar Resort is a friendly place, aging and a little tired like some of it's denizens, but comfortable and laid-back. It's located on the north edge of Rockport, TX. in the town of Fulton. Besides the RV Park, the Resort includes a motel and a couple naturally heated swimming pools that get very little use during Winter. I'm told Summer is high season around here -- many of those folks baking in 100f+ degree heat in Houston and Dallas and San Antonio escape to the coast for cool breezes, but usually settle for warm ones instead.

It's a different story today. It's Winter. We woke to 28f degrees this morning, but at least the north wind is strong and gusty. The past month has been cooler and wetter than normal. It looks like this will be one of those Winters to remember (or to forget?), not just here but most of the rest of the country as well. Oranges and tomatoes are freezing in Florida, the Midwest is hip deep in snow and has been frozen solid for weeks... the whole country is having a rough one. I've written before about how few places in the continental USA are consistently warm during Winter -- this year maybe none.

A couple weeks ago Dar started working part-time at a small hospital about 20 minutes from camp. Trained as a registered nurse, she wants to keep her skills up-to-date and her resume' fresh so she has the option to bring in a little income when we're at one of our three extended camps during the year. Remember, we're on an extended sabbatical, not retired. She's only working two days per week -- just about right to break up the creeping boredom of sitting in one place for two or three months.

In case you didn't notice, I took a break from this journal for a week. There really wasn't much going on and I was going through a bit of a low time that may have been the result of my January Purge, the SAD fast. More on that tomorrow.

Keeping an eye on the propane tank...