Feb 12, 2010

Friday in Fulton

We're back in Rockport. We're pretty much caught up on sleep. Wednesday and Thursday were not enjoyable days here... rain, cold, wind ... more of the El Nino' thing... but today, Friday, improved. It was still cold, but at least we saw the sun for a while this afternoon and it really felt good.

Dar worked today. She has to work tomorrow too. I've been doing housekeeping chores, vegging, and getting caught up on all the going's on... the comings and goings... the ups and downs... of the past few days. Whenever more than two people are together in one place for an extended period of time all sorts of things happen. Enough said.

it's been a big week for us... a lot of miles... a big wedding... a shuttle launch... It's been great. And it's great to be back at the bus-house too, planning our next explorations and adventures.

I'll be back on Monday morning...

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