Longer Days

During the past couple days the sun has been out in full force here in Texas. And that allows us to observe and appreciate that our days are getting longer. And that means Winter is finally giving way to Spring. It's called Spring Fever... and I've got a severe case, spending more time than I can justify planning our path of explorations for when we leave the Coastal Bend in just a few short weeks.

To bring the Journal up-to-date with our activities, here's what we've been up to the past couple days: Most of Monday was spent with the local chapter of FOB... Friends of Bill... our new septuagenarian.  We rode in the Hummer limo to Corpus Christi, Padre Island, and then Mustang Island, where we stopped for an expansive lunch at San Juan Restaurante'... a favorite Mexican hangout for many of us here at Sandollar. We had a great time. It's probably a good thing, on balance, that most people don't have birthday celebrations of this magnitude. Photos are available in our online photo collection.

Today, Tuesday, it felt good to sleep in and enjoy the cold morning (low of 32f) from beneath a heavy pile of blankets and comforters. Since Dar works tomorrow a lot of chores were on the schedule for today. Most everybody in our small community here at Sandollar was out and about... enjoying the day, socializing, and getting some much needed exercise.

For dinner, we made a veggie hobo dinner and grilled a couple fish fillets. And then settled in and watched a little of the Winter Olympics.


Slightly Better than Most