Moving Again!

As much as we enjoyed our 3 month stay at Sandollar, it felt tremendous to be moving again... out exploring the big old USA. But the roots had grown deep in Rockport and I'd apparently forgotten how long the list of chores can be after spending this much time camped in one place. When moving every few days we keep the bus-house in travel-mode at all times. But when we're in one place for weeks and weeks (or months and months) we get lax and travel-mode is a couple hours of work away. It would have been smart to stow more of the outdoor stuff during the previous afternoon, when it was sunny and dry, instead of in the morning when a thick coat of dew made it necessary to dry everything prior to stowing. Oh well... never to old to learn.

We said many good-byes and pulled out onto Highway 35 a little after 11am... more than an hour later than plan. It was a good day for driving with little traffic and great roads along our route. We mostly stayed on smaller State Highways which in Texas are usually nice wide roads... 188, 181, 123, and 46.. Our northerly trajectory took us around the east side of the San Antonio Metroplex, through New Braunfels (the only heavy traffic), over to US-281, and then North to just a few miles short of Johnson City, the boyhood home of LBJ. We arrived at our destination a little after 4pm.

We're at Miller Creek RV Park and should be here for a week. March is a tough time of the year to find good campsites near Austin in our preferred venues with spring break, a month long rodeo event of some kind in Austin, and a music festival (also in Austin). So we found this very nice RV Park within a reasonable distance of Austin, and we're happy with our choice. We're in the scenic Hill Country where the stars are bright, the wildflowers are everywhere and spectacular, and the nights are clear and quiet.

During the next few days we'll be exploring Austin and parts of the Hill Country that we haven't seen before. Stay tuned for daily updates to the Journal.


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