Iowa, Here We Come

By the time you read this on Sunday morning we should be warming up the bus-house and making final preparations to head out from Nebraska City and into Iowa. The direction today is East.

The government weather kids are forecasting sunny skies and mild winds, so that's a good thing. And the route we think we're taking is mostly lazy 2 lane State highways. If all goes well, we should end up somewhere near Red Rock Lake, just southeast of Des Moines, by mid-afternoon.

If we don't end up upended or upset by an uprising of upper classmen, I'll try to upload a journal update from my upgraded and up-to-date computer if I can find an uplink, perhaps at an upscale coffee shop along the upper Des Moines River in uplifting and upbeat Iowa, where uproarious and uptight upholsters, uprooted from upstate New York caused some upheaval and an uprising when they failed in their bid for upward mobility during the 20's. The upshot is that we'll be up early, but not before sun-up. (I think I'm going to upchuck if this goes on any longer.)

See you tomorrow.


Slightly Better than Most