Lollygagging to Three Lakes

Yesterday, Friday, we made the trek from Gladstone to Three Lakes. Since we knew it was going to be an easy 140 mile drive we dawdled and lallygagged our way down US-2 as it weaved from Michigan into Wisconsin and then back to Michigan again... from Eastern Time to Central and then back to Eastern again. We threaded our way through the towns of Bark River, Norway, Spread Eagle, Florence, and Crystal Falls. We stopped for supplies in Iron Mountain, enjoyed a picnic lunch at a Michigan roadside park, and checked in with the owners of Stumps Bar in Three Lakes where we've traditionally stopped and un-coupled the toad from the bus-house before snaking down to the camp.

As I've mentioned before, Camp Soldner belongs to Dar's brother and sister-in-law, Dennis and Laura. They graciously allow us to camp here and soak up the solitude, the sights and smells of a lake tucked into a heavy U.P. forest, and to enjoy getting out on the water with their flotilla of kayaks, canoes, a sailboat, and a pontoon boat. We'll be here for a couple weeks or so... in many ways we'd like it to be longer.


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