Praise to Moms and Dads Out There

Even though I’m a Dad, and even though I went through the whole child-raising process, a long time ago, (twice in fact… but with a huge amount of help from Dar), at this point in the weekend I just feel a need to heap praise on all those young Moms and Dads out there – those unsung heroes – who not only find a way to survive the process themselves but are able to get their kids through it as well. As I sit hear today, Sunday afternoon, with our two little charges tucked away for naps, my weary body and mind are acutely aware of how huge this job really is and the near-total repression of one’s adult needs that must occur in favor of the needs of the little ones’. In times like this it’s also crystal clear to me why we’ve evolved in such a way that having babies and raising kids is the realm of the young.

I, for one, would be in favor of more days honoring you Moms and Dads that are still on active duty with small kids. One day per year just doesn’t seem like enough. Maybe one per month?

Thinking about a nap for myself…



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