Snow at 4200 Feet

There may have been one other camper in the campground last night. Everyone else fled due to weather and maybe the realities of having to get back to a fixed life... work, commitments, appointments, etc.. Intrepid explorers, on the other hand, stay through thick and thin, good times and bad, hot and cold, rain and snow. SNOW? Did I say snow?

This was our camp this morning...

And since that picture was taken, it started lightly snowing again. The temp is holding steady at 33f degrees, which is better than the predicted lower 20's for the next couple mornings.

Our plan, ragged as it is, is to wait... wait for a break... wait for it to warm a bit... and get ourselves moved a hundred miles further south, to Collier State Park. Hopefully that will be today. The way the forecast looks at this point, Wednesday will then be the best day to make it into Northeast California (where we all know, from the song, it never rains). As we look ahead from there things should moderate as we work our way to the Reno area.

And in the time it took me to write the above paragraph it stopped snowing and the sun is out. What interesting weather.

Looking for my snow shoes...


Dennis said…
It is warmer in the South, here in north central TX 90 is the prediction today. I enjoy your blog and check in often.
dshymas said…
thats what we like to call designer snow.. pretty to look at but it will be gone soon.
You've got to get rolling, snow isn't a good thing on your Bus House. Sunshine is a good thing on your BH. Head South, young man!

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