Dar's Back

Just a short post to bring the Journal up to date.

I retrieved Dar from the Las Vegas airport last night. Even though she had a great visit with family in Wisconsin, she was happy to be "home".  The flight back was unremarkable and arrived a good half-hour early. We stopped for a quick and light bite to eat on the way back to Pahrump, and got back to the bus-house by 8pm or so.

In a few minutes we're heading out on an exploration of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead area. That means driving back to Vegas again, but intrepid explorers occasionally have to endure previously charted territory in order to reach the frontier. That's just the way it is in the exploring business.

Looking ahead, we're paid up here at the Escapees Park in Pahrump until Saturday. But wouldn't you know it... the weather is looking a bit "iffy" this weekend. So I think we'll look into tacking a day or two onto our stay, and wait for good traveling weather.

Now, where's that dam...


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