Paltry Post from Pahrump

I've got more to report than what's in this short journal entry, but I'm tired and just don't have the motivation after that Sunday night tight nail-biter football game that drained nearly all my energy. Of course, I'm talking about the Green Bay - Dallas game. I know... I know... the final score (45 -7; Green Bay) doesn't sound very close... in fact, it sounds like a bigger blow-out than this past summer's BP Macondo Well disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. But, for Packer fans, there's no margin that's a comfortable margin... and we suffer through each and every play until it's over. At the end, though, we were ahead... so it was a good day. But I'm still exhausted.

Monday, we're thinking we might run over to Hoover Dam and check out the goings-on at the old dam place. I understand there's a new bridge over there too. And then Tuesday, if the weather holds, we think we may run over to Death Valley National Park.

So check back for more posts from Pahrump.


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