Visitors From the North

We had an agreeable weekend here around Fernley. The weather has certainly cooperated... crisp and cool, but mostly sunny.

Saturday we were surprised when a couple we know... from our short stay at an RV Park in Banderra, TX. last November... showed up here, in Fernley and parked right next to us. Phil and Rose are a neat energetic couple from B.C. (that'd be Canada, ahy?) and we were delighted to see them. The rest of the story is that they're readers of this journal, saw where we were parked, and it just worked out that they could connect up with us at Desert Rose RV Park for a few days as they work their way south for the winter. How neat is that? Needless to say, we've had a couple longer than usual happy hours since they've arrived, and have thoroughly enjoyed their company.

Today, Monday, we're heading out early in explorer mode. The target destination is Carson City and the surrounding area. Besides the Nevada State Capitol and Lake Tahoe, there's at least one micro-brewery that needs some explorin'.

Might be late getting back...


Watch out for that Donner Pass! This time of year, with all that snow coming...

Slightly Better than Most