South Texas (including the Coastal Bend) is the warmest part of the nation today. Highs well into the 80's... could set some new records if the weather folks are to be believed. And being hard against the Gulf, as we are, and with the persistent southeast winds blowing tropical air northward... well, it's plenty humid for this kid too.

As I said in my last post, it looks like we'll be among the last of the Winter Texans here at Sandollar. Texas Highway 35 runs right past the RV Park (I can see it from my writing perch) and there's been a steady stream of RVs heading north during the past few weeks. I've never seen any estimates of how many RVs make up the seasonal migration to South Texas each year, but it must be a huge number. I think I've commented before that this is one of only three places in the Continental US that you have a chance of escaping the extremes of Winter... the others being South Florida and parts of the extreme Southwest between Yuma and San Diego. So the concentration of RVers here shouldn't be a surprise... but it's no less an amazing natural phenomenon than the yearly migration of the Whooping Crane.

This year, just like the last two, we found ourselves "itching" to move... to explore... as we quickly tired of being in one spot for three months. But the opportunity for Dar to pick up some quick cash during the three months of deep Winter trumped the itch and we made the best of it. Life is a series of compromises and as long as you adjust your attitude, it's possible to be happy whatever you decide to do.

What about next year? Hmm.


Well I have been gone from Rockport for a month now. I was worried I moved north too soon. It has proven to be a good move. My current location is Ft. Davis, Tex. It was dry and 34 this morning at site 18.

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