April Showers?

Not exactly the image one gets when thinking about almost-late April in the upper Midwest. I mean... shouldn't the grass be green and growing?... shouldn't spring flowers be popping?

We woke to about 3 inches of slushy wet snow this morning, most of which fell yesterday. During the past few days the temps have hovered in the low 30's with an occasional bump a bit higher during the day.

And I'm enjoying the whole experience... knowing that warmth and green grass and spring flowers are only a few days off.


Joe and Tracey said…
I haven't read the text yet - still admiring that white, silky sand you're parked in! Where did you say you are? Tahiti??
Paul Weaver said…
Yeah Tom, I'm enjoying YOUR time in the cold and snow too! Remember, this will make you stronger.....LOL

Stay warm

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