Thursday, April 7, 2011


We're camped at Maumelle Park COE on the west side of the Little Rock AR metro area. It's one of the nicest Corps of Engineers campgrounds we've stumbled into during our sabbatical. We were here for 8 days back in November of 2008 and said then that this is our kind of camping... and that whenever we're through the Little Rock area we'd try to make a stop here for a few days.

We left the Longview area Tuesday morning, pointed the nose of the bus-house eastward on I-20 to Marshall where we hooked onto US-59 north to Texarkana. There we picked up I-30 which we took to Little Rock. As we head back to Wisconsin this Spring we're using Interstate Highways more than we'd usually prefer for time and fuel savings. But after a couple hours on I-30 where the super-slab was jam packed with semi-trucks the whole way... well, I was longing for those long un-congested 2 lane roads that weave through the western states and the relaxed driving experience that comes with them. Interstate Highways may get you where you want to go quickly... but when you're driving a motorhome at something less than the 70++ (80+?) speed that is the norm for traffic in general, it isn't a relaxed and comfortable time... at least for us. Give me that quiet little two-laner any day.

Our plans are to be here through the weekend in order to give Spring a few extra days to warm things up a little more up North. And exactly why would we want to push on earlier than we'd have to??

From the views along the Arkansas River you wouldn't know you're really just a few minutes from the hustle and bustle of the metro area. As we sit along the river's banks we're looking at natural scenes that haven't changed much in perhaps hundreds of years.

Soaking up the solitude...