Northward to Kolache-land

After a bunch of "good-byes" and a couple long blasts from the air horns, we're departed from Sandollar RV Park yesterday, Saturday, morning about 10am. Our chosen route was through Victoria and then northward on US-77.

We've found that the first day out after a long stay is best kept to an easy one. After calcifying in one spot for weeks or months everything is out of the traveling groove... certainly me... Dar too... and then there's the bus-house with all it's systems running in travel mode... and finally the little toad, now relegated to being tugged behind the camper in a cloud of dust. If we keep that first day short and ease into travel mode gradually, subsequent days seem more enjoyable.

In that vein, we dropped anchor in La Grange (yes, Texas... we'll still be in Texas for a few days... it is a huge State) at Colorado Landing RV Park. We had originally thought we'd just overnight at the local Walmart, but found it was a very small store with a congested parking lot and they didn't allow overnight parking anyway. Colorado Landing is a small mobile home and RV community with a dozen or so very nice and well spaced pull-through sites for transient travelers. We snatched one of those and minimally set up (power cord only) for a one night stay and a quick get-away in the morning.

Since it was early afternoon and we were hungry from our "long" 142 mile drive, on advice from the park office we headed over to Los Fuentes, a local Mexican restaurant where we had a very agreeable lunner.

And, we're told, no stop in La Grange is complete without a visit to Weikel's Bakery, a local institution since 1929. One of their specialties is the Kolache, a sweet pastry of Central European origins, which they make in a range of filling flavors and in amazing quantities. This isn't your small local downtown bakery any more... no sir.  It's a destination stop for many travelers between Austin and Houston (located just off the highway) and was surprisingly busy for mid-afternoon on a Saturday. We loaded up with a few goodies and poked around the small town on our way back to the camper.

Sunday we'll mount up early and hope to be in the Longview (still Texas) area by mid-afternoon. There's a good chance for rain on Monday so we may opt to stay put there until Tuesday for the dryer (and cleaner) driving conditions.

Now, where's my apple Kolache?...  Dar!!?


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