Celebrations and Milestones

We've been back in Beaver Dam for a week and a half and there's been no moss growing on these rolling stones... that's for sure. May is a busy month for family events... my Mom and Dad's Anniversary (61 years this year), a few birthdays, Mother's Day, a wedding next weekend, then Dar's Mom and Dad's Anniversary (the big 60). June promises to be a little less hectic, but a growing list of bus-house maintenance and repair issues will help set the pace and keep me from getting too sedentary.

Then our son and daughter-in-law (JT and Kaytlyn) are in the process of moving to the Seattle area.  He's been out there for the past few weeks, busy with his new job... finding a place to live, etc. while Kaytlyn completes her Masters Degree at UW Oshkosh and gets ready to move. So JT flew back this past Thursday and we all attended Kaytlyns graduation (hooding ceremony) Friday night... a touching event that is such a mile-stone, not to mention an emotional release for the students who put so much effort into this great achievement. Congratulations Kaytlyn.  But there won't be much time for these two as the movers come in on Monday to pack up their "stuff", which will be loaded onto a truck on Tuesday. The two of them and their two dogs and all the stuff they'll need to survive for the next week or two will then get jammed into a Hyundai Elantra and, after some quick "good byes" here in Wisconsin, they'll be high-tailing it for the West Coast and their new life. We're doing as much as we can to help but it somehow doesn't seem like enough. Having moved numerous times in my career, I know it'll all get done, but that doesn't make the task any less monumental for those going through it. Breathe deeply kids... and exhale slowly. Keep it all in perspective.


Slightly Better than Most