Oct 19 - Survey Course of Lassen NP

We just got back from exploring Lassen Park -- really an overview (or survey course) built around the main Hwy 89 Park road from the Northwest entrance to the Southwest entrance, where the main visitor center is located. It took us the better part of the day to do the 29 miles down and the same 29 miles back to our camp... stopping and exploring wherever we saw something of interest. Had a bright clear day, temps in the 60's... but you gotta remember, we are at some serious elevation here. Our camp is at 5900 ft., and the summit on the drive today is 8511.

Highlights of the day: learning about the geology of this place... it's reason for existing as a National Park in the first place. Here, there exists in one place a collection of all four of the different types of volcanoes as classified by geologists and vulcanologists. It's a very active geothermal spot on the planet Earth. The last significant eruption occurred in 1915 on Mt. Lassen. But there are historic remnants of many volcanic features that can be seen by tourning and hiking around the park. A fella by the name of BF Loomis was instrumental in making this a National Park, having taken the spectacular photographs of the 1914 eruptions of Mt. Lassen.

We did a short hike, really a walk, through the "devistated area" from the 1915 eruption, but mostly drove from pull-off to pull-off admiring the view, awing at the surrounding peaks, and reading and learning about the Park. At the southwest entrance, the Kohm Yah-Mah-Nee Visitor Center provides exhibits and films that bring it all together.

Returning to the northwest corner of the Park again, we stopped at the Loomis Museum and perused the exhibits there too. The museum building was built by RL Loomis to help educate the public. His historic home, just across the courtyard from the museum, is currently being used as a park office and ranger station.

Here are a few photos from our day.  More can be found here.


At first I thought you did the 29 miles up and down as a hike. I was impressed with your ability and fitness level. ;c)

Sounds like another "must see" location.

Slightly Better than Most