Dec 12 - Rain Delay

This morning we're still parked at the Lazydays RV Park on the south side of Tucson, and it looks like we'll be here yet another two days. During the past week I've been keeping an eye on the forecast and it consistently looked like we'd have no problems getting out of here today, as we had planned. But, of course, that all changed yesterday afternoon when the weather folks started predicting the worst rain storm for Tucson since the end of the monsoon last fall... and the two day dousing was going to start today, covering most of Arizona and New Mexico.

This morning we made the decision to just hunker down and wait it out. Even if we made a run for it this morning and got ahead of the worst of today's rain, we'd probably have to sit for an extra day in Deming, which is predicted to be in the middle of it tomorrow. We don't have to be anywhere yet, so what's the rush? We're here, comfortable... and we'll just wait it out.

For anyone wondering why we allow a little rain to affect our plans... here's the short version: It makes a bloomin' mess of the the whole string of vehicles in our RV Sabbatical train... the bus-house, the car, and the two bikes behind the car... they're all caked with a slury of road grime, fine dust, and water after a day on wet highways. We usually don't have schedules or deadlines or commitments... so we'll often just let it rain, and travel when it's clear. Besides, there's so much more to see on a clear day.

My cold or flu bug, whatever it was, is nearly gone. Lasting only two or three days, at times it felt like a regular cold, and at other times it felt more like a severe allergy... fits of sneezing, watery eyes, nose, etc. By yesterday I was much improved and this morning I feel almost normal.

Slightly Better than Most