Apr 22 - Arches National Park (pooped edition)

Today we explored Arches National Park. It was a full and long day for us... miles of hiking, intense sun, temps in the 90's, and some muscles used that maybe hadn't been used much lately. So I'm tired... and Dar's tired... and we're going to bed. The full journal post for this exploration will come along in a day or two or three... if I get around to it.  When it's done it will replace this weak excuse for a blog update. So, Please Stand By.

In the interum, this photo of Delicate Arch that I pulled from cyberspace might provide some idea of what we saw today.

Tomorrow, we're going into back-to-back exploring mode... this time down into Canyonlands National Park. It's a rough life... but somebody oughta' be doin' it.

Life is NOT good... it's great.

Good Night All.

Slightly Better than Most