May 13 - The End of the Trail

  • Move from La Grande, OR. to Vancouver, WA.
  • Route:  I-84 all the way
  • Fueled (diesel) at 4.149
  • Miles Today:  272
  • Total Spring12 bus-house miles :  2,548
  • Total Spring12 toad miles :  1,002
  • Tonight's camp: Van Mall RV Park   elevation  180'
  • Weather: morning low 37f, high 88f. too dang hot... but nice
  • Notables: 1.Never tire of the fantastic drive along the Columbia River Gorge
  • Link to photo album for today.

With a long-ish drive in store, we were on the road before 9am.

What a marvelous drive through the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon, followed a little later by the "E-ticket" rated drive along the Columbia River and it's Gorge cut through the Cascade Mountains. I never tire of the Gorge... I think of the native people who lived here for thousands of years... the Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery coming through in the fall of 1805... settlers along the Oregon Trail enduring so much hardship as they sought a better future... all of it watched over by the bright white snow-capped Mount Hood.  It's mind-candy for explorers of any age.

The move today was good. Sunny skies and a tailwind helped push the bus-house to over 8mpg. We arrived at the RV Park (we've been here before), got set up, and headed over to see the grand kids, Andi and Gage, and re-connect.

As much as we love traveling and exploring, we also love time with family. What's that old saying... We love leaving, but we also love coming home.

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