Sunday, July 29, 2012

Look... up in the sky...

Been a little uppity lately... uppity on the roof, that is. It's been a while, maybe a year, since I've really cleaned the top of the RV -- something they say should be done every 6 months. Out'a sight... out'a mind... it doesn't get done. So the other day, Dar and I got up early to get the job done before the sun interfered. Nice to see a clean white roof again. In my opinion it now looks as good as it ever did... even after 5 years.

When finished with that, other roof-top jobs started sticking their sharp thorns into the comfort-seeking part of my mind. You'd think a roof is just a roof... something to simply shed water and to keep us dry. But there's a lot of gear up there, and seals and sealant... which all are exposed to the extremes of UV, hot and cold temps, rain, snow and ice (yes, once in a while), tree sap, dirt and sand driven by high winds (remember, this thing does go down the road). No sir... this roof isn't anything like the roof of a car.

So I've been even more uppity the past couple days... checking and re-doing sealant, servicing the two Fantastic Fans, the A/C units, cleaning out the refrigerator "chimney", replacing a couple vent caps for the plumbing system, and lubing up the TV antenna. These RV things are amazing freedom machines but they do require some time and energy to keep 'em running right.