July 6 - Hot Midwest Summers

Hot Midwest Summers

too hot to be out
too hot to be in
unless you've got a tonic and gin
we sit by the fan while the a/c's on high
cruising the net and watching the sky,
for signs the heat wave will soon abate.

well listen to me
as you sweat off your bacon
in a few short weeks we'll be shiverin and shakin
as a stiff north wind brings a cold fall zest
then we'll look back on these days as the best,
when we were warm and snug... lazy and sedate.

and watch out what you wish for
'cause you're sure to get it.
what goes 'round comes 'round
don't you forget it.
we need the extremes
to appreciate the means.

Reiley Bud Rhiemer