Nov 26 - Move to Columbia SC

OK. It's Monday. The holiday weekend is behind us. It's time to get moving again. What's that old saying?... after two or three weeks (?) guests, like fish, start to smell. Our hosts Tim and Chris have to get back to their routine and it's time for us to uproot the bus-house from it's meadow parking spot and get on with our nomadic life. We extend a huge "Thank You" to Tim and Chris for making us feel soooo at home.

So this morning, about 11:08am, after hugs and a tear or two, we watched as our friends and Heidi (their wonderdog) disappeared in the rear-view mirror. Our route would take us down I-77, about 100 miles, and then off on state roads to my cousin Deb's house. We've been to Deb's a couple times in the past, and like stopping to catch up with her when we're close.

Along the way we stopped for fuel (3.91) at Pilot/Flying J, and also took advantage of their dump station to clear the holding tanks. We also needed propane, but their propane pump was busted and we had to make a short side-trip to another station near Columbia for that fill (2.90).

It didn't take long to park and level-up at Cousin Deb's place. She's another host who apparently believes that nomads like us are under-fed and need good food to carry on. We found a prime rib roast on the Green Egg cooker and the subsequent meal was superb. I'm confident we'll both loose the pounds we've gained over the past couple weeks once we're back on our normal soup and peanut butter sandwich diet when we leave South Carolina.