Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nov 9 - Mammoth Cave to Raccoon Valley

Knowing we'd be loosing an hour today by moving into the Eastern Time Zone, an early start was preferred. Preferred, but not realized. As it was we finally got going about 10am (11am EST), which was still OK since the distance today was just a little over 200 miles.

We've really become fans of Kentucky Parkways. There are 9 of them, each built years ago (when States actually had money to spend on projects like this) to ease travel around this rugged State. These four lane interstate-like roadways used to be tollways. But unlike some other States (Illinois for one), they tore down the toll booths once the initial bonds were paid off. Apparently due to where they're placed and what they connect, we've found the traffic is on the light side... and not many trucks. The majority of truck traffic sticks to the frantic Interstate system.

We took the Cumberland Parkway to the east from the Mammoth Cave area --  a wonderful road. Poking along at 55 miles per hour and 1500 RPM, I could drive all day (if I could stay awake) and not be fatigued.

But since the law of averages must apply, once we got to the intersection with I-75 for the hundred mile run south to the Knoxville area, things flipped the other way. It was time to tense up, clenched jaw and all... as we weaved and dodged heavy Friday afternoon traffic. And the trucks... all the trucks! Hardly any room for the bus-house and toad.

We arrived at the SKP Raccoon Valley Park just before 4pm, checked in, and set up. We'll be here until Sunday when we'll slip over the Appalachians, through the Blue Ridge Mountains, and down onto the foothill plateau called the Piedmont.

Dar tells me that she's caught up with photos in our online albums. Check them out if you're interested.