Dec 16, 2012

Dec 16 - Weather Delay and News Commentary

Originally we had planned to move today. However, a 100% chance of rain held us back and caused a delay in our westward trek. Not that we needed a reason to slow down... after all, we're in meandering mode. But with a complete set of hookups, a new solid concrete pad, and a wonderful setting next to an arm of the R.E. "Bob" Woodruff Lake in central Alabama, we decided to just chill  out here until the rain stops. Looks like Tuesday will be moving day.

We went to visit the Alabama State Capitol on Thursday. I owe the journal a post for that day and it will be forthcoming when I get around to it in the next day or two. I have made some progress with a couple other posts in the last day or two.

In the news, we see the President and Speaker of the House (Obama and Boehner) are, as of this moment, still miles apart, playing the roles of Thelma and Louise in a sick remake of the original movie of the same name. Unfortunately, they'll be pulling a trailer loaded with all 300 million of us as they drive off the "fiscal cliff" at the end of the year.

Then on Friday we all learned of the tragedy at the elementary school in Newtown Connecticut. 20 young children and 6 or 7 adults were gunned down in a senseless crazy act. Like most people, I could rant and yell and make assumptions and say what we need to do to stop this. But I won't. I don't think you can stop someone from doing crazy stupid things when they're planning their own suicide as the final act in a horrific play. The solutions are much more complicated than gun control, disarming the population, locking everyone in armored rooms, and turning the USA into a police state. Unfortunately, the people we have running the joint don't have the ability to think deeply or long term (or at all), so it's anybody's guess what we're going to do about it. In all likelihood, very little.

And, looking at the calendar, I see this coming Friday is the end of the world.


That's right. Some people think this because the Mayan Calendar just ends on December 21, 2012. Hmmm.  I looked at my calendar and it looks like I've got the same problem... only my calendar ends on December 31. But then I remembered that when confronted by the same problem last year I came up with what I thought was a creative solution... I got a new calendar. You'd think one of these gullible people would have thought of this before they assume the end of a calendar means the end of the world and get everyone so riled up.

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