Dec 2 - Into Georgia

By a little after 9am yesterday we had the big wheels turning (Proud Mary keep on burning...) as we said our Good-Byes and headed down the road from Cousin Deb's house.

We'd decided that we'd slow things down a notch and only do about 150 miles on this leg... stopping at A.H. Stephens State Park just off I-20. We've been here before, 5 years ago, a visit that left us with a very positive impression of Georgia State Parks. [link to that post]

What a difference the time of year makes. In the summer, I'm sure this campground is packed... every site packed with campers, kids, dogs, smoke, burning meat, music, and more. Today, we're the ONLY people in the campground... even the camphost's rig appears vacated. So we had the exact opposite experience than we would have 6 months ago.

I liberated left-over wood from a few other campsites, enough for a nice small campfire last night... the first one in months. We listened to the crickets... or were they frogs? We stared at the stars overhead, the ones we could see through the forest canopy, searching for a satellite or UFO or a new supernova. We poked the lazy fire, urging the last unburned bits into a glowing bank of embers. We thought about how much we're enjoying this nomadic lifestyle... how much we're looking forward to a winter of travel and discovery.
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