Dec 20, 2012

Dec 20 - Along the Tombigbee

The big storm that's plowing it's way through the heartland of the USA today, dumping a foot or more of snow over our home state of Wisconsin, is giving us a wet and overcast day here in Alabama too. Our NOAA weather radio, which I try to remember to flip on when there's a chance of severe weather overnight (we just sleep better), woke us with a tornado watch about 4:30am. A subsequent series of other warnings and watches, about every 10 minutes, interrupted REM cycles until I just surrendered to nature, got up, made some coffee, and watched the progressing storms online. Here along the Tombigbee near Demopolis Alabama there was only one squall line that kept us on our toes as it blew through with heavy rain and a few heavy gusts. It was all over by late morning but the temps are dropping from the upper 60s to the lower 50s. Supposed to freeze tonight.

I haven't mentioned that we're here at this Corps of Engineers park with our friends Doug and Kay from Minnesota. We've crossed paths with this intrepid duo most recent winters... usually Texas. But this year our respective map scribbles intersected here in Alabama. Neither of us have immediate plans so we may just hang out here for a few more days.

The drive to Demopolis Alabama from Montgomery was short and sweet on Tuesday. A distance of about 95 miles, US-80 was the only road I had to remember as we plied our way west. You know, we're really enjoying these short 100 mile days.

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